Come along and enjoy the ride with the kids on our Public Running Days, last Sunday of the Month  (weather permitting)

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Find us at our NEW LOCATION on the Corner of William Street and Caltowie Place Coffs Harbour.

Newsflash !   Coffs Harbour Miniature Railway are excited to announce we have just signed off on our new site for the next 12 Months. We are working towards our bigger picture railway for this site and if you are enthusiastic about it -  contact us now to get involved.  New Members Welcome :) We are looking for heads and hands to help build a great and unique NFP club.

Stage 1 Video : Testing the track

Stage 2 Video : to be uploaded

We've come a long way since testing days : watch this space....


 Gear up for great ground roots growth for the club on our new site~! 

CHMR Inc foundation story..... we are a new and emerging club looking for new members... read our story here..

📷📷Coffs Harbour Miniature Railway was founded in August 2016 by 4 railway enthusiasts who have the vision of creating a miniature railway attraction for Coffs Harbour locals and visitors to enjoy alike. The club vision is based on a multi-faceted purpose: It will be a hub for hobby train enthusiasts young and old and grow to serve as community gathering space with unique entertainment in beautiful natural surroundings.

Passenger carrying miniature railways enjoy popularity in all areas of the world. Australia currently has 50 miniature and model engineering railways’ in regular operation. These railways are most often run by not-for-profit organisations and made up of interested volunteer members. The governing body for miniature railways is called the Australian Association of Live Steamers (AALS) who sets standards and procedures and also provides public liability coverage. Coffs Harbour Miniature Railways is an approved AALS member and holds current Public Liability Insurance.

OUR portable 5” gauge track and 2 electric locos built this year are just the start of bigger & better things to come.  Stage 2 of our club plan has been achieved successfully working with the council to open the doors to the public . That’s you!  

Stage 3 is becoming a reality  - expanding our train and locomotive network  on a piece of community land; a little place to call our railway home.  A place where all people can feel welcome, have fun, learn and grow.   

We are a non for profit club and would love to hear from you if you have a couple of hours a month to contribute to this organisation set up for the Coffs Coast Community.  Likewise, if you have any ideas, comments or otherwise, we would love to hear from you.  Hit us up via our contact page - all feedback welcome.

NEXT STAGE - BRING ON THE STEAM TRAINS :)  With a place to call home, Coffs Harbour Miniature Railway can start to (finally) let off some steam! We are keen to set up a Steaming Bay and get the "real deal" steam trains running on our tracks this year! 

2019 will be a big year of growth and also a year where we NOW MORE THAN EVER  need to have interested members come on board.  Many skills are needed to run a volunteer organisation - everything from engineering locos and tracks to selling tickets and greeting our visitors.  New smiles always welcome.     Jump on the fast track to your journey and direct your enquiries by email to

This year will also help determine our future viability.  Our club has gathered momentum.  We have new members.  We have lots of smiles at the end of each running day. The community is starting to really see what we are about and join the journey!

We have grown in memberships in our first year; many with their own locomotives they would like to run on our track and many holding years of experience with successful miniature railway associations such as Diamond Valley Railway (DVR) and other smaller regional clubs around NSW such as Wauchope. We have used DVR as an example of how a miniature railway can become a big part of a community. We have  great vision for coffs harbour - are you ready to jump on board?

CHMR members both own steam locomotives, diesel & electric locos and would love the opportunity to run them in an established space.   We require members of all skill levels to join our mission.

Like our page and keep checking in for all the updates

And if you are interested in joining - you are most welcome !

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